Seeking Sicily Tours – discovering the true jewel of the Mediterranean


Much of the inspiration for my ceramic work stems from my travels and bespoke tours around the Italian island of Sicily. I wanted to share the beauty and diversity of this incredible place with others and together with my tour partner and dear friend Ciro Grillo our tour company Seeking Sicily Tours was born. Our tours explore the rich cultural diversity of the island, bringing together both the ancient archaeological sites and the unique natural beauty of Sicily’s coastline, as well as the wonderful artists and food producers we have met over the collective decades.

Together we will discover what makes Sicily such a jewel in the Mediterranean as we team up and travel from coast to coast. Over the duration of the tour you will experience all that Sicily has to offer, accompanied by myself, a passionate host and lover of Sicilian food and culture, and my experienced local Sicilian co-host Ciro Grillo of Sicily Routes. Ciro is a trained geologist and has spent his career working for the Department of Cultural Heritage in Sicily. Together we want to share with you what makes this island so special and why it has been such a sought-after destination for almost three thousand years. Join us as we experience the sights, the culture and the natural beauty of the true jewel of the Mediterranean



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