Endemic Earth

1st – 15th May 2019
10AM – 4PM
7 Goshawk Way, Kingston

Ceramicists were invited to contribute handbuilt or wheel thrown ceramic pieces inspired by the unique native vegetation of Tasmania. The form of the piece might be inspired by a particular flower, leaf or plant, or indeed the function of the piece designed to uniquely hold a particular botanical specimen.

Andrew Halford, Cathy Franzi, Chrystie Longworth, Claire Johnson, Gretel Corrie, Hana Vasak (Dasa ceramics), Julie Pennington, Katarina Wells, Kate Wischusen, Keiko Matsui, Kerryn Levy, Luca Lettieri, Luke Ryan, Milly Dent, Penelope Duke, Philippa Taylor, Phoebe K, Rose Jenson Holm, Sarah Rayner, Susan Simonini, Tara Burke, Timna taylor, Tracey Murray.

Curated by Amber Creswell Bell and Caroline Davies Choi.